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PTZ IP / NDI Camera Controller with Joystick, Zoom Rocker & Control Dials


PTZ IP / NDI Camera Controller with Joystick, Zoom Rocker & Control Dials

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Categorías: CCU & Controllers

Key Features

  • Simultaneously control via IP, NDI, RS232/RS422 or IP, USB, RS232/RS422
  • Protocol support: VISCA, PELCO D/P, ONVIF, NDI, and VISCA over IP
  • High-quality joystick allows for effortless, one-handed pan, tilt, and zoom adjustments
  • Tactile feel with professional rocker/seesaw switch for zoom control
  • Automatically search available IP/NDI cameras in a network and assign IP addresses easily
  • Supports RTSP Preview on 3″ LCD Screen
  • Tally Indicator: Includes Normal Tally/On-Air Tally/Contact Modes
  • Quick control of exposure, shutter speed, iris, compensation, white balance, focus, pan/tilt speed, zoom speed
  • Multi-color key/button illumination indicator directs operation to specific functions
  • Control firmware upgrade available via USB or product webpage

Product Overview
The Marshall VS-PTC-300 PTZ NDI® Camera Controller is designed to operate seamlessly across multiple camera protocols on a single network. Used for live event production and content creation, the VS-PTC-300 offers detailed operation through a high-quality PTZ joystick, professional zoom rocker, and individual fine-tune adjustment knobs for iris, white balance, exposure, red/blue, shutter speed, focus, pan/tilt speed, and zoom speed. The VS-PTC-300 offers cross protocol mix-control on one controller operating RS232/RS422/RS485 and IP, as well as ONVIF, and VISCA over IP. The VS-PTC-300 can setup 7 cameras via RS232, 14 cameras via RS422, and 255 cameras via NDI/IP; all selectable through a single controller. Easy NDI®/IP camera discovery function automatically searches for all available NDI®/IP cameras on a network.

The VS-PTC-300 can store up to 6 selectable ASSIGN function keys and save up to 256 camera presets with memory of image setting parameters. Dedicated knobs and control buttons simplify direct access to frequently used functions without needing to use on-camera menus.

The Marshall VS-PTC-IP is fully compatible with most PTZ cameras on the market, including all Marshall PTZ Cameras and Sony BRC/SRG series cameras.